Judge and Appearance

As a Cosplayer/Influencer I regularly travel around the world attending events as a Judge or Special Guest. I love to travel and meet people from all around the globe. Sharing experiences, passion and connecting with people is a big part of what makes cosplay so fun! If you would love to have me at your event, here is what I can offer!

Judge and Appearance

I can be a Judge for your competition. Throughout my Cosplay career I have participated and won several titles. I also have experience with judging big scale competitions


Panels are super fun and interactive. During the panels I can share my knowledge on Cosplay, how I achieved things during my career, but also some advice and tips and tricks! Several topics can be addressed and of course some time for Q and A’s as well!

Meet and Greets

One of the most exciting things about Cosplay and events is meeting those who support you! During meet and greets I take time to catch up with my followers, share a laugh, and take a picture!


I love crafting and making costumes, but I also love to pass this knowledge on. Workshops are perfect for these. In these workshops I can teach small groups about cosplay crafting and share some handy tips and tricks.

Want to book me? Feel free to email me at: