Demon’s Pact 2, Animals – KuroKen





Strap in for Demon’s Pact – part two where you get a closer look at Kuroo and Kenma’s relationship. Kenma finally chose to form a pact with Kuroo, and our story continues. But, will Kenma sit back and obediently let this demon into his life? Or will he make Kuroo work for it? Either way, it’s up to them to navigate their new dynamic, intense dreams and a whole lot of  quality time spend together.

Take it from Kenma – This series will leave its mark~

This CMV pack includes the following downloadable files:

  • Demon’s Pact p1 CMV – ‘watch me’ 
  • 5 minute spice CMV ‘Demon’s Pact p2 – Animals’
  • A photoset
  • Exclusice (spicy) TikToks


If you haven’t seen Demon’s Pact part 1 Yet, here is the link.



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