Demon’s Pact p14, Everything – BokuAka




Bokuto has big plans for his romantic date with Akaashi, but the question is: will he be able to get the workaholic’s attention for long enough to set it all in motion? Que some silly yet wholesome antics, with a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow~

There is some good spice in here for both BokuAka and KuroKen fans, this CMV gives you a little of ‘everything’ 😉

This CMV pack includes the following downloadable files:

  • Demon’s Pact p113 CMV – ‘Wish you were gay’
  • 4 minute spice CMV Demon’s Pact p14 – ‘Everything’
  • A photoset
  • Exclusive TikToks

YouTube trailer link

If you haven’t seen Demon’s Pact p13 yet, here is the link:



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