Demon’s Pact p20, Evil – IwaOi




Kita has planted a seed of doubt in Iwaizumi’s mind, trying to cause friction between him and Oikawa. By letting his greed influence Iwaizumi, the situation escalates. Iwaizumi starts to pick up on ‘weird behavior’ on Oikawa’s part, he suspects the demon is keeping secrets. When he sees Oikawa with a stranger things take a turn for the worst. Will their communication win out or will Kita’s meddling push them until their breaking point? 

From blessed blades to evil intentions, is the tension the only thing that gets cut?

This CMV pack includes the following downloadable files:

  • Demon’s Pact p19 CMV – ‘Play with Fire’
  • 3.5 minute spice CMV Demon’s Pact p18 – ‘Rabbit hole’
  • A photoset
  • Exclusive TikToks

YouTube trailer link

If you haven’t seen Demon’s Pact p17 yet, here is the link:







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