Demon’s Pact P26, Hate me – AtsuKita




Kita is known to pull some shit, but how does he deal with the repercussions? Just how involved is Atsumu, and when he finds out what is really going on, how does he confront his problematic pact partner? Will Kita find it a bother, or maybe he finds Atsumu’s reaction an enjoyable one~  

Oookay, I have nothing more to say about this one, just watch it.
We will be hiding in the corner haha. 


This CMV pack includes the following downloadable files:

  • Demon’s Pact p25 CMV – ‘Panic Room’
  • 5 minute spice CMV Demon’s Pact p26 – ‘Hate Me’
  • A photoset
  • Exclusive TikToks 


Youtube trailer link

If you haven’t seen Demon’s Pact P25 yet, here is the link:




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