Demon’s Pact P48, Took me by surprise – AtsuKita




It’s Atsu Kita bonding time!! We pick up right where we left off in p47 – with Kita and Atsumu narrowly avoiding Kuroo’s wrath. Kita tries to get closer with his bonded human once again, will he finally be met with an open door (and open himself up to be vulnerable as well)?

AKA it only ‘took him by surprise’ because he’s emotionally constipated.

This CMV pack includes the following downloadable files:

  • Demon’s Pact p47 CMV – ‘The hunter’
  • 4 minute spice CMV Demon’s Pact p48 – ‘Took me by surprise’
  • A photoset
  • Exclusive TikToks


Youtube trailer link

If you haven’t seen Demon’s Pact P47 yet, here is the link:







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