JINX TATTOOS! Keep in mind, it might not be completely accurate, but its how I imagine them to look!(Some parts of her tattoos are covered by clothing)

When buying this, you are buying ONLY the PATTERNS. Once bought you will receive a link where you can download them.

They have already been mirrored so they are ready to print!

The package include:

  • A PDF with the tattoos print ready (scaled on a person of 1.64m)
  • All parts of the tattoos in PNG (so you can rescale them yourself)
  • A reference picture of the full Tattoo
  • Explanations on how the tattoos are grouped

For those wondering how you can make these into transferable tattoos. If you have a printer you can buy Temporary Transfer Tattoo paper online. Make sure to check if your printer is compatible with the paper that you buy and voila! you can now print your own tattoos!


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